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2020-02-10 • Press

Cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts: Do you need one?

  • by: Karen Pelletier

Many have heard of the American term pre-nuptial agreement Popularized by the line “we want pre-nup!” in Kanye West’s 2005 smash hit “Gold Digger”, this optional marriage contract is often rejected due to the idea of mistrust.

2020-02-07 • Press

Your Complete Guide to Child Custody in Ontario

  • by: Chantel Carvallo

Child custody refers to the care, control, and maintenance of a child. The general presumption is that biological parents have the legal right to make decisions about their child's welfare without question.

2019-12-20 • Press

Know Your Rights: Making Sense of Divorce and Separation

  • by: Marie-Hélène Godbout

The law treats marriage as an equal economic partnership in every way. There may some exceptions in a case-by-case analysis. Generally speaking, if no exceptions apply when marriage ends, the value of the property acquired in matrimony and the increased v

2019-12-16 • Press

Are you self-employed? Don’t forget these tax deductions

  • by: Kevin Montpellier

Self-employment has many perks. From being your own boss to choosing your own hours, it’s an attractive way of life. However, navigating your taxes can feel like an inescapable labyrinth.

2019-11-26 • Press

The Importance of Making a Will

  • by: Chanelle Dutrisac

During our ‘accumulation’ years we aim to climb the career ladder and build our assets, deepening our financial pockets so that we have a nice little nest egg. Whatever possessions we build up should be protected so that we can pass them down.

2019-11-19 • Press

Powers of Attorney: What are they and when can my attorney use them?

  • by: Chanelle Dutrisac

For many Canadians, it’s a big concern knowing how to manage their money, health, property, and finances as they age or when life changes. Without proper planning, these matters are complicated. Fortunately, Powers of Attorney can help.