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A bit about the firm.

" We strive to receive a 'Thank You' from clients at the conclusion of mandates. "

What started as a community-based sole practitioner in real estate, wills and business law has evolved into an organization offering extensive legal services in the Province of Ontario.

We are very proud of our roots. Since late 1993, Sicotte Guilbault has emphasized the importance of building solid business relationships with our clients, our colleagues, and our networks. From the beginning we focused on bringing clarity to your legal matters and doing things right.

Still today, we strive on receiving a thank you from each of our clients at the conclusion of every mandate.

Sicotte Associates - 1993-2008, on St-Joseph, Orleans.

Client Service

Evaluated by our clients

The level of client service can only be evaluated by the client and not by the lawyers or the firm. This evaluation is made by the client in accordance with your criteria, which varies over time.

…can only be evaluated by the client

At Sicotte Guilbault we not only emphasize the importance of client service, we continually push ourselves to improve and to always understand exactly what great client service means to you.

We pledge to…

  • Listen to your concerns and identify your needs;
  • Ensure that expectations and the fee agreement are clear;
  • Communicate with you diligently;
  • Respond quickly to your queries and calls;
  • Provide you with thorough answers and explanations;
  • Render our services in a timely manner; and,
  • Invest in resources and use appropriate technology to further improve client service.

The Future

No longer an exclusive profession

For continued growth, our young lawyers must first have the opportunity to grow, and develop their own competencies. For a lawyer, being competent in a particular field primarily means having the opportunity to work in that field, alongside others.

Changes enable us to reinvent ourselves and revisit what we do and offer
Law is no longer an exclusive profession; it is a legal services industry, with many new players emerging onto the scene in aggressive ways.

The legal services industry is constantly changing, affecting its accessibility to its population. We see these tremendous changes as opportunities to reinvent ourselves and revisit everything we do and offer. We continuously study industry segments and businesses that are or will become complimentary to ours, and make it an importance to invest in them, as well as in ourselves.

Building new business relationships is key to our success, and the changes that are upon us will enable us to reinvent ourselves and revisit what we do and offer. These same changes will help us and further solidify our foundation, and our position as a key legal services business in the National Capital Region.

building new relationships

We will continue to challenge and push ourselves to become the best legal services business we can be.