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Litigation is the legal term for when a dispute is heard before the Courts. It can be intimidating, stressful, time-consuming and costly—and not always necessary.

Sicotte Guilbault’s legal team will work with you to determine the most practical, cost-efficient and timely path to resolution and whenever possible, advise on out-of-court settlements that leave nothing to chance and reduce the cost of resolving the dispute. When that’s not possible and you need the assistance of the Courts, we’ll be there with you every step of the way, with honest, transparent and knowledgably advice. Whatever the issue, you can depend on our Dispute Resolution and Litigation team to provide you with a solution that leads to the quickest settlement, in, or outside, the Judicial Courts of Ontario.

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Many construction-related legal issues could be avoided if legal advice was sought out prior to work commencing. When contentious issues arise prior, during or after construction is completed, our construction lawyers can assist you in all legal matters related to construction, in both Ontario or in Québec.

If your business or personal finances have reached a critical level, our bankruptcy lawyers can advise you on your rights and provide a debt restructuring path that allows you to settle a portion of the liabilities, with protection from creditors while you or your business regains financial stability.

If you’ve been injured at work, in a vehicle accident, a slip or fall, through medical malpractice, or if you’re dealing with a long-term disability or wrongful death, our personal injury lawyers will work to get the care and compensation you deserve. And you don’t pay us until you get paid.

Sicotte Guilbault takes a preventive approach to work-related disputes, and reviews your workplace policies and agreements through our HR Health Check™. We can also assist both employers and employees in wrongful termination cases, and represent you in human rights, labour board and health and safety issues.

A business can run into a wide range of legal issues, including shareholder disputes, breached agreements or customer disputes. Corporate litigation lawyers from our business law practice can represent your business and enforce contractual obligations when necessary.

A contract is an agreement specifying the rights and obligations of those bound by it. When one party doesn’t live up to its obligations, it creates a contractual dispute. Our litigation services can help you avoid contract components that can trigger future problems and enforce your position throughout disputes, negotiations and lawsuits.

Whether in accordance with a will or laws dealing with estates of individuals who die intestate, we can assist the executor in administering the estate, satisfy all legal requirements and in the event of a conflict, advocate to ensure our client’s wishes are carried out.

Buying or selling residential or commercial property—and all the legal and financial complexities surrounding real estate transactions can be daunting. Should questions, concerns or legal challenges arise, Sicotte Guilbault can provide the specialized real estate legal expertise you need to move forward.

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Natacha Seguin

Natacha Seguin

Practice Leader - Civil Litigation / Senior Law Clerk

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