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For your business to succeed, you need the right information and the right advice at the right time. Benefit from Sicotte Guilbault's extensive knowledge and experience to navigate a broad range of legal complexities. Whether you're establishing or re-structuring a business, growing by acquisition or investment, dealing with intellectual property protections or other issues, we offer the strategic, insightful and results-driven advice you need to make the right decisions.

We work with:

  • Small business owners
  • Partnerships
  • Corporate entities
  • Pension funds
  • Governments and related agencies
  • Cooperatives
  • Joint ventures
  • National and multi-national corporations
  • Professional groups
  • Athletic teams and organizations
  • Chartered banks
  • Insurance and trust companies

Services offered:

  • Advising on and negotiating acquisitions merges and sales of business interests,
  • Public and private financing,
  • Real property and personal property financing and securitization,
  • Corporate restructuring,
  • Public and private offerings of securities,
  • Intellectual property and technology law,
  • Foreign investment,
  • Ontario, Canada and International Business arrangements and transactions including sales of goods and services, franchising, leasing, distribution and related corporate filings and activities.

Business - Practice Areas

Sicotte Guilbault can help you register your logo or trade name to effectively and securely protect this valuable business asset and save you the time, trouble and cost of enforcing a trademark dispute in the future.

Taxes—no one likes them, and there's no avoiding them, but we can help make yours more manageable. Our team can develop a proactive income tax plan that lets you benefits from available deductions and can represent you should an audit or other complications arise.

We can assist you with all aspects of complex business transactions including negotiation, financing, due diligence, operational issues, and regulatory approval. We can advise on and negotiate acquisitions, mergers and sales of business interests, and plan and execute ownership transitions to family and employees.

Whether you’re a borrower or a lender, we can help your business structure, negotiate and document commercial loans and loan modifications. Our commercial financing lawyers have the highly specialized experience and knowledge to deal with a range of complex financial arrangements, including leveraged buyouts, acquisition financing and recapitalization.

If your business finances have reached a critical level, our bankruptcy lawyers can advise you on your rights and provide a debt restructuring path that allows you to settle a portion of the liabilities, with protection from creditors while your business regains financial stability.

Purchasing a franchise remains a popular way to open a business. However, in the franchising process, there are many specialized agreements and contract complications involving the specific responsibilities the Franchiser and Franchisee. Our business law team has specialized experience that can help you navigate the specifics of your franchise agreement.

Our team at Sicotte Guilbault knows there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” when it comes to business structures and agreements. We’ll listen to your ideas, plans and expectations and work with you to structure your business in a way that avoids risk and is positioned to succeed—your way.

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Practicing law is about solving problems. Your problems, the kind that come with starting a business, hiring new staff, buying a house or a commercial property, getting married, resolving a dispute with your employer, or planning for your future. With a diverse team of law professionals with expertise and experience in a range of law specialties, we can put knowledge to work for you. So talk to us. Tell us about your challenges. We’re listening.

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