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Emotionally, there’s nothing simple or easy about a divorce or separation. But you can trust Sicotte Guilbault to use their highly specialized knowledge to find the most effective solution whether your circumstances involve uncontested proceedings or you’re facing a complex financial situation involving trusts, forensic auditing, accounting and business valuations. Our family law specialists recognize that each case is unique and have solid experience in dispute resolution paths, including negotiation, arbitration, mediation, collaboration and litigation. We’re sensitive to the highly emotional issues and events that often arise from a family breakdown and want you to make decisions from an informed perspective with a clear understanding of the legal principles and court processes involved.

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Whether contested or not, our Family Law team will determine the most cost-effective means of settling your custody, property and support disputes in your divorce or separation, provide the options and solutions that result in a fair settlement and let you move on with your life.

In a divorce or separation, we know your children are your number one priority. They’re our number one priority too. With their needs in mind, we’ll look at sole, joint, shared and split custody options and create a customized parenting arrangement that works in your children’s best interest.

While your relationship may end, family and spousal financial responsibilities continue. We’ll look at your family situation to establish if you are eligible to pay or receive spousal and/or child support, then provide you with sound practical advice to determine your support needs or obligations.

If possible, using an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process is generally more cost-effective and less adversarial than litigation. Our resources in the professional community allow us to tap parenting experts and financial professionals to work with you create a settlement through ADR that protects your interests.

You’ve heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” That definitely applies to domestic contracts. Our staff are experienced in drafting many forms of domestic contracts such cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, separation agreements or custody agreements to ensure your rights are protected.

How we define and create our families is a very personal and emotional process. Growing your family by adoption is a life-changing challenge. We have the experience to inform you about options, advise you on how to best begin the adoption journey and guide you throughout the process.

Dissolving a relationship often involves a division of finances, possessions and property. Not surprising, disputes can arise. Our lawyers will provide you with practical advice on how to protect your best interests whether you are dissolving a marriage or common-law relationship.

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