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2019-10-29 • Event

How The End Of Daylight Saving Time May Spike Driver Fatigue

  • by: Michel Sicotte

{... this one-hour change will have a negative impact when it comes to road safety. On November 3rd, our clocks will go back one hour meaning our days become shorter which can have a negative effect on body and mind.}

2019-10-23 • Press

Taking An Extra Step Towards Pedestrian Safety

  • by: Michel Sicotte

{Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable users of the road and therefore, should always take extra steps to be safe. Each year more than 270,000 pedestrians lose their lives on the world’s roads accounting for 22% of the total 1.24 million road traffic d}

2019-09-23 • Thought

Examining what it takes to become a lawyer in the real world

  • by: Martin Robertson

{Suits, The Good Wife, and Law and Order, along with hundreds of other law films and television shows, have a certain tendency to glamorize the legal profession. Audiences are drawn to the dramatic (often inspiring) depiction of what it means to be a lawy}

2019-09-04 • Press

Young workers – Know your rights from day one

  • by: Émilie Leblanc Lacasse

{Starting work should be an exciting prospect, especially for younger employees. It can be the start of financial freedom and a stepping stone to a long and fruitful career. That being said, younger workers are more likely to encounter work related issue}

2019-08-15 • Press

Making a proper will and keeping it updated

  • by: Chanelle Dutrisac

{A will is a written document that allows a person to make decisions on how their property will be managed and distributed after death. Simple? Not so much. }

2019-07-29 • Press

Vacation injuries: What happens when you’re hurt away from home?

  • by: Stéphane Hutt

{Going on vacation is supposed to be fun, but anyone who has planned one before knows there is a lot to consider.}